Wild Swings

This chapbook is a collaboration among thirteen poets who were connected through an online retreat led by Richard Osler in the summer of 2020. This workshop was the Covid alternative to meeting in person at La Romita School of Art in the Umbrian hills of Italy.

The first half of this collection contains response poems where each poem but the first is inspired by the one that precedes it. These response poems are the source for the centos that follow, the cento being a poetic form that uses lines or phrases borrowed from other poems to compose a new one. One phrase that appeared several times after its first appearance was “wild swings,” which seemed a fairly apt description of the ups and downs of these pandemic years.

The poets:

Richard Osler
Joan Shillington
Pat Scanlan
Linda Crosfield
Nancy Issenman
cathie kernaghan
Daniel G. Scott
Sarah Wilson
Tonya Lailey
Amrita Sondhi
Lynne Jambor
Donna Friesen

Published in an edition of 100. 

Typeset in Cochin, Charter, and Party

Cover photograph and design by Linda Crosfield 
Made in Ootischenia.

$10 CAD or USD plus shipping ($3 within Canada)

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