When Chaos Stops to Catch its Breath / Denise Brown



beg your pardon
I am in the garden
from Plant Yourself)

When Denise Brown and her partner moved to the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Denise was somewhat ambivalent about the prospect of learning to garden. But then she started spending time in their new yard weeding and watering, planting and culling, and before she knew it, she was hooked. An artist and musician as well as a writer, Denise uses language in much the same way as she wields a paintbrush or plays music; to illuminate her world, and therefore ours. These poems are an homage to her mother, of whom she says in the dedication, “…(she) often told me I would have to learn things the hard way. She was right.”



This chapbook is published in an edition of 100. Cover photograph is from a painting, Black Iris, by Denise Brown. Author photograph by Cheryl Malmo.

The text is designed and typeset in Palatino, Optima Bold and Serif Caption.  The binding is hand sewn with linen thread.

Produced in Ootischenia.

The book is $10 CAD or USD plus shipping ($3 within Canada)

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