Slant of Light / Carol A. Stephen and JC Sulzenko

Slant of Light

In their second collaboration, Carol and JC chose as their inspiration twenty-one works of art from the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.

“Accommodating not only the interplay of poet with poet but also admitting and respecting the originating artist’s vision made for a more stimulating, complex, challenging and satisfying process than I had anticipated.”  JC Sulzenko

“The process is at times tug-of-war, at others smooth, easy flow, yet these poems merge and blend two voices into a single song. Adding to the challenge is the third voice, that of the artist to whose work our poems respond, and our own and different impressions of the artist’s creation.”  Carol A. Stephen

Published in 2016. Cover image is from a photograph by Carol A. Stephen.

Carol & JC launch Slant of Light

Carol A. Stephen (left) and JC Sulzenko at the Ottawa launch of Slant of Light

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