Our Own Stunned Heads / Stephen Bett


I am galled,


I am a gull

for punish


Throw me

your scraps

& I will

dine out

for days

(from Half Rimed Word)

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Reading the eighteen poems that comprise Stephen Bett’s Our Own Stunned Heads induces a sensation that is not unlike careening down one of those corkscrew water slides. You find yourself gathering speed, somehow negotiating the well-banked corners, gasping at velocity attained on the straight stretches, and always, always fending off a deep-seated fear that this might be the time something goes wrong, this might be the time you don’t make it before you arrive, triumphantly, at the end. What a ride!

Author’s website: stephenbett.com

Published in an edition of 100.

The text is designed and typeset in Georgia and Bangla.  The book is hand sewn with linen thread.

Produced in Ootischenia.

$10 CAD or USD plus shipping ($3 within Canada)

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