For eight years Nose in Book published an annual collection of memoir writing by a group of seniors at Castle Wood Village in Castlegar, B.C. who called themselves the Lifewriters. Members of the group varied from year to year under the consistent supervision of the late Jan de Bruyn (1918–2017), the former UBC English professor who was the first editor of Prism literary magazine (now Prism international). These books were published in an edition of 100 copies each and are now out of print.

2005 Lifewriting
(2005) Those Were the Days
2006 Lifewriting
(2006) Alive Alive O
2007 Lifewriting
(2007) Gastronomically Yours
2008 Lifewriting
(2008) All Creatures Great and Small
2009 Lifewriting
(2009) Ripleyesque
2010 Lifewriting
(2010) Thanks for the Memory
2011 Lifewriting
(2011) Fresh Thoughts from Old Heads
2012 Lifewriting
(2012) Swan Song