Even So, I Sing / Lorna Crozier editor

In the spring of 2022 sixteen poets gathered in Honeymoon Bay on Vancouver Island where they spent four days immersed in poetry with Lorna Crozier. One of the challenges she gave the group was to write a poem based on the first line of W.S. Merwin’s poem, Place, that begins “On the last day of the world…” A sombre subject to be sure, but one that is deftly explored in myriad ways by the poets who show us, as Crozier says in her introduction, “It’s possible, even there, to find some spark of light, to enact a change, to make a difference.”


Michael Boissevain
Sheila Rosen
Susan Olding
Nan Goodship
Susan Alexander
Michelle Yeo
Wendy Donawa
Laura Apol
Tina Biello
Mary Ann Moore
Daniel Scott
Linda Thompson
Pamela Medland
Liz McNally
MJ Burrows
Jodi Lundgren

Published in an edition of 90 in Ootischenia

Set in Charter, Savoye, and Avenir

Cover image from a photograph by Liz McNally


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