Breathing Mutable Air / JC Sulzenko and Carol A. Stephen

Breathing Mutable Air

In creating these poems, the authors chose a variety of structures — alternating lines; couplets; triplets; quatrains; quintains — and took turns writing the opening lines.

J.C. Sulzenko’s poems have been featured in several anthologies and chapbooks and in Bywords Journal. She has written six books for families and children.

Carol A. Stephen’s poetry has appeared in a number of anthologies, in Bywords Journal, Tree Press/phaphours press chapbooks and online at The Light Ekphrastic and Silver Birch Press.

Both poets live in or near Ottawa.

Carol’s blog

J.C.’s blog

Breathing Mutable Air was published in 2015. The cover image is from a photograph taken by Carol A. Stephen.

The book is $10 CAD or USD plus shipping ($3 within Canada)

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