Anchoring / Maurice Gibbons

The eighteen poems published in Anchoring were first collected in the 1980s. They were recently discovered by a friend of the author’s who thought it high time the poems appeared in book form. From chaos and confusion to insight and transformation, these poems mirror the challenges we all face in designing a life worth living.

Teacher, scholar, author, artist, wood carver, activist, poet, and professor emeritus at Simon Fraser University, Maurice Gibbons is a pioneer in the field of self-directed learning and program design. His work has inspired hundreds of innovative programs aimed at “challenging students to challenge themselves.” He created Personal Power Press, wrote The Experts Program, is a founding member of Citizens for a Universal Curriculum and author of the internationally acclaimed
Walkabout: Searching for the Right Passage from Childhood and School.

Maurice was born in Peterborough, Ontario, in 1931 and has spent much of his life on the west coast of British Columbia, a landscape deeply
reflected in his work and art. Always an advocate for social justice and the environment, he was arrested during the pivotal Clayoqout Sound protests against the clear-cutting of old growth forests. He lives, writes and carves in West Vancouver.

Cover design by Peter Norman at Woodridge Pond Press

Typesetting and layout by Linda Crosfield
Set in Cochin and Bangla and hand sewn with hemp thread

Published in Ootischenia in a limited edition of 40

If you would like to inquire about obtaining a copy of this book, send an email to: