Leave Taking; Águas de Março Redux; Dark House, Stone ~ Event Magazine #51/3


three senryu ~ Worth More Standing, ed. Christine Lowther (Caitlin Press)
How Smartly the World is Stitched Together ~ FreeFall Magazine
The Camino Provides ~ Bywords


What’s Best For Us ~ read on YouTube for One Minute Poem
two end of summer meditations for my love ~ shortlisted for Federation of BC Writers’ literary contest


What You Are Now ~ Voicing Suicide, ed. Daniel G. Scott (Ekstasis Editions)
• Blog post at Jama’s Alphabet Soup about the poem Tea at Jubilee Manor
POPO Interview with Paul Nelson about the August Postcard Poem fest


My Mother’s Dying and I Have a Drink at Lunch; You Asked Me To Write About Fucking ~ Event Magazine 48/2


The Summer I’m Ten My Aunt Wears a Bright Blue Shirt ~ Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem Anthology, ed. Priscila Uppal, Meaghan Strimas (Mansfield Press)
November Threnody ~ Online at Your Daily poem
Tethered ~ Poetry in Transit, Vancouver, BC (poem appears on buses and Skytrain)
Pancho ~  Online at Fresh Voices (League of Canadian Poets)


Tethered ~ Refugium—Poems for the Pacific, ed. Yvonne Blomer (Caitlin Press)
Poem for Rona Murray ~ 56 Days of August—Poetry Postcards, ed. Ina Roy-Faderman, Paul
E. Nelson, J.I. Kleinberg,  (Five Oaks Press)
Foiled ~ Online at Silver Birch Press
Loose Ends ~ Online at Your Daily Poem
Two Left Feet ~ Longlisted for Big Pond Rumours chapbook contest
Another Airport Poem ~ Online at Your Daily Poem


Only the Best Words are Good Enough for You ~ 2017 Inaugural Poem (blog)
• Looking for God on the Oak Bay Ferry ~ Filling the Void: A Selection of Atheist and
  Humanist Poetry, ed. Jonathan M.S. Pearce (Fareham, Hampshire, UK: Onus Books)
 • Tolling Bell ~ Nancy Drew Anthology, ed. Melanie Villines (Los Angeles, CA: Silver


After the Fire; What If I’d Stayed in Van, Richard; On a Winter’s Night We Take Refuge; What Became of Me ~ Spring Issue, The New Orphic Review
Match Strike Flame Douse ~ Cascadia, ed. Ursula Vaira, (Lantzville, BC: Leaf Press)
• Participated in Rocking the Page, a program that involved presenting poetry online and in classrooms in the West Kootenay (video of my poetry reading for the program)
Fences; When Talking Ends ~ Voices from the Valleys, ed. Jodie Renner


When Talking Ends; Nobody Smokes ~ WordWorks
The Winter She Slept ~ leaflet chapbook from Leaf Press
Chatoyance ~ A Rewording Life, ed. Sheryl Gordon
Two Left Feet shortlisted for Room Magazine‘s poetry contest
Considering Distance; My Mother, Plotting; Understanding Cold; Nothing But
  Everything; Swoop ~ Fall Issue, The New Orphic Review


• read at Nelson B.C.’s Elephant Mountain Literary Festival’s opening night gala in July
What’s Best For Us ~ chapbook, NIB Publishing
Good Neighbours ~ Monday’s Poem, Leaf Press
Stones For A Fire Pit and Tea At Jubilee Manor ~ on display downtown during  Art Walk, Nelson, B.C.
Exonerated ~ second prize for poetry in Ascent Aspirations’ annual anthology
Take a Chance ~ poem published as a miniature accordion book by UpDown Press and Bindery, Baltimore
What’s Best For Us ~ poem interpreted as “lung book” by Meredith Purvis through a collaboration via The Light Ekphrastic
Book ~ poem inspired by Coptic-bound book by Meredith Purvis via The Light Ekphrastic collaboration


• Featured Poet, The New Orphic Review, Spring 2012, Volume 15, No. 1. An essay on poetics, Poetry as Conversation,  and six poems: How Poems Come to Be—How Come; Ten Ways I’d Prefer Not to Die; Salty Meringue Madness and the Traveling Fair; Arguments Were Usually Over Small Things; After the Wind; What’s Best for Us
 • Still They Were Dancing
and Evelyn Stuart Hardy, Artist and Illustrator, Discovers Eugene Field’s Poem ‘Little Boy Blue’ ~ The Elephant Mountain Review, No. 1
 • Packing the Car ~ Use Your Words: a writing guide for mothers, ed. Kate Hopper; Cleis Press, Viva Editions
• Cake ~ The Wild Weathers: a gathering of love poemsed. Ursula Vaira; Leaf Press
Poem for One Whose Words are Missing from the Conversation ~ As One Cradles Pain: an Anthology on Issues Exploring Disorders, Ascent Aspirations
Burning the Old Village ~ Monday’s Poem, Leaf Press website
I Don’t Want to Talk About Airports ~ Elephant Mountain Review online


My Boy’s a Minstrel ~ Cascade: Journal of the Washington Poets Association, Issue #2
• Ritual ~ online: League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Month Blog
Minimum Wage ~ The Antigonish Review, Volume 42, Issue No. 166
Etiquette ~ chapbook, 9 poems, NIB Publishing


 Good Neighbours ~ Rogue Stimulus: the Stephen Harper Holiday Anthology for a Prorogued Parliament, Mansfield Press, ed. Stephen Brockwell & Stuart Ross
After the Wind ~ chapbook Past Foxglove and Honesty, Leaf Press series from Ocean Wilderness (formerly Glenairley) retreats, ed. Patrick Lane
Cake ~ chapbook A Table in the Wilderness, Leaf Press series from Rivendell retreat, ed. Patrick Lane


 All Her Last Summer She Wears a Shirt ~ chapbook Tears, The Same Music, Leaf Press series from Ocean Wilderness (formerly Glenairley) retreats, ed. Patrick Lane
Welcome ~ Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas (Duke University Press) Issue 6-4 (Winter)


The Grocer and the Webcam Girl ~ chapbook How Light Needs to Bend, Leaf Press
series from Glenairley retreats, ed. Patrick Lane
Blue and Legacy ~ Issue #5 Ascent Aspirations  Poetry Issue
Zuckerberg Island – Her Story and A New Vocabulary ~ Horsefly, Issue 5


Fences ~ chapbook Starting With Bread, Leaf Press series from Glenairley retreats, ed. Patrick Lane
Boris’ Birthday ~ Issue #4 Ascent Aspirations  Borderline Anthology
A Good Place to Start The Minnesota Review, Issue 68


Packing the Car ~ anthology Literary Mama: Reading for the Maternally Inclined (Seal Press 2006)
• Trailblazers Come to the Kootenays Again ~ Issue #3 Ascent Aspirations
Tinsel Twinkletoes ~ anthology, Between Sleeps, en theos press
 • Stones For a Fire Pit ~ anthology, Winsome Words, Beret Days Press (The Ontario Poetry Society)
Writ(h)ing at 3:15 ~ Word Works, Spring Issue
Invoking the Muse; Blake Parker at 3 A.M.; At Least You Know; and How Poems Come to Be ~ fall New Orphic Review


Packing the Car and Wiping Bums ~ online at Literary  Mama
 • Anne’s Nightmare and The Choice ~ chapbook anthology Sharing the Dark, ed. Katherine L. Gordon, Passion Among the Cacti Press
Keep Your Eye on the Awl ~ Word Works, Spring Issue
Starting OutMotherVerse, Summer Issue
A Cuban Cigar for Paul Nelson, appears in chapbook Love—The Main Course ~ published by The  Ontario Poetry Society
 • The Quilt and Damn These Words ~ Poemata, Volume 21, No. 3


Feet and Full Circle ~ The Nelson Quarterly, Volume 1 Issue 1
Ways to Get to Here ~ chapbook, NIB Publishing


Excess ~ The Fed Anthology: Brand New Fiction and Poetry from the Federation of BC Writers, ed. Susan Musgrave, Anvil Press
 • Portrait of a Beginning ~ Write Off the Bat: Writing from South Central and South East BC, NIB Publishing, ed. Heather Haake and Karen Bissenden
A Black Eye, A Swollen Lip, and a Peanut Butter Sandwich ~ Horsefly, Issue 3


Disturbed, Reluctant Ground as Landscape ~ Horsefly, Issue 2
• review of  “Fruitflesh: Seeds of Inspiration for Women who Write” by Gayle Brandeis ~ Words Journal —Brown, Volume 1, No. 4
Me and Mrs. Eddie On Madness ~ Word Works, Winter Issue


Discovering the Creative Process at CollaboratioNZ 2001 ~ NZ Woodturner Issue 63
The Grant Grind ~ Word Works, Summer Issue
CollaboratioNZ 2001 ~ Turning Point, Volume 14, No. 2
Me and Mrs. Eddie On Madness ~ Write-Off: Writing from the South East Region of BC, NIB Publishing, ed. Linda Crosfield and Heather Haake


The Quilt ~ Room of One’s Own Volume 21:4